Keteninformatisering ------------------------------ Een nieuwe aanpak van automatiseren voor turbulente ketensamenwerking
Artikelen Engels

Chain-computerization for interorganisational policy implementation  2000
Chain-computerization for better privacy protection   2000
Identity fraud   2003         
Two barriers to realizing the benefits from biometrics  2004
Inaugural address "Chain-computerisation in the constitutional state"    2005
Criminal Records in the European Union   2006
Identity fraud and biometrics   2006
Biometrics security, trend report on biometrics 2008
Understanding biometrics 2009
Understanding personal number systems  2009
The meaningful safe and reliable use of biometrics  2010
Public Information Infrastructures and Identity Frauds  2010
Chain analysis for large-scale communication systems
Large-scale Information Exchange: Breaking Views and Challenges
A Chain Perspective on Large-scale number systems  2012
Chain Communication Systems  2014

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